Song Reflection: “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective

By Bryn Rademaker

We begin our journey exploring tastes of inspiring Christian music with one of my favorite “Jesus Jams” of all times: “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective.

I typically turn to this upbeat tune whenever I feel I’ve lost my place or purpose in life and am in need of a solid boost back home.  

Looking back in history, lighthouses served a simple purpose: to lead sailors and fishermen back home.  The light that is cast forth from lighthouses is strong enough to shine through any weather condition—extreme sunshine, cloudy overcasts, rain or hail, and even the most threatening thunderstorms.  

Picture you and your mighty crew sailing through the ocean tides with heavy rain pelting down your back, lightning racing through the sky, wind tearing your ship in uncontrollable directions… yet deep down you feel a smidge of hope.  You cling in heart-warming faith to the one thing you undoubtedly know will save you in this time of desperation. It is then that you catch a glimpse of that powerful beacon of light shining through the glass of the lighthouse on shore.  My lighthouse, you think as you make your way back home, back to your roots, back to where you came from, “SAFE TO SHORE.”

When I first gained this little nugget of knowledge of the sea, I remember asking myself: “If those were used for sailors way back when, what is my lighthouse?”  

The real question is, “WHO is my lighthouse?”

Nehemiah 9:12-13 beautifully answers this question: “During the day, you led them by a cloud shaped like a pillar. During the night, a pillar of fire lit the way, showing them where to go.  You led them to Mount Sinai, and when they arrived, You came from heaven and spoke to them. You gave them right decrees and good laws, beneficial statues and commands, revealing Your will for them.”

That’s right, Jesus Christ is our powerful, mighty, gentle, faithful lighthouse.  Our God is constantly guiding us through life with a soft yet penetrating beacon of light, the beacon of truth and love.  He is the one who leads us through life and reminds us who we are and where we come from. Amidst any situation or circumstance that life throws at us, He is the light that guides us home.  His light is more powerful than those terrible waves of life’s trials, those times when we feel ourselves losing sight of the path or drowning in our sorrows.

Think back to our journey at sea—you clung to faith in that lighthouse which saved you from drifting far from home.  You sought out that light as if it were your only hope of salvation—and the same goes for your life right now. If you but only seek out Christ’s light, you will never fail to find Him.  

So as we end our school year and jump into the awesomeness that is summer, I encourage you to vacation out to the nearest lighthouse—take in its beauty, admire its place alongside the vast waters, sail out into the deep sea and seek out the light that reaches you miles away.

Let us remember to never doubt our special lighthouse, who “will carry me safe to shore.”

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