Catholic Media Weekly: Fr. Mike Schmitz on “Freedom and Its Consequences”


By Isaiah Schick

Welcome to Catholic Media Weekly! CMW is a new series on Superior Disciple wherein we will feature some Catholic media content from the great World Wide Web (and maybe at some point the occasional book or movie…) so that you have even more resources to be strengthened in your own faith and to share it with others. We are not cutting back on the original content our fantastic contributors regularly produce. We just wanted to share the great media we have found helpful in our own faith lives with y’all so it can help you, too!

Perhaps one of the better known names in the young Catholic world today is Fr. Mike Schmitz, especially beloved by those of us in the Midwest because he is a priest of the Diocese of Duluth. Frequently speaking at Catholic youth gatherings like Steubenville Conferences and NET Lifeline, his energy and candid honesty make a great combination in sharing the Gospel with others. He regularly produces short videos for an organization called Ascension Presents that are freely available on YouTube, and I picked the most recent one to share with you all first. I highly recommend subscribing to the Ascension Presents YouTube channel (after you subscribe to ours, of course…) because his videos are always awesome and relevant to the questions so many of us frequently ask or are asked.

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