Catholic Media Weekly: Steubenville Youth Conferences

By Isaiah Schick

I know a lot of you have heard of Steubenville Youth Conferences, but maybe not as many of you know that almost all of the talks (including homilies!) that happen at most locations are recorded and made available on a YouTube channel (MIND BLOWN, amiright?). The downside is that very often, the slideshows/video clips on the screen are not visible, but the spoken content is still a gold mine of spiritual learning and motivation. This particular talk by Sarah Swafford confronts the lie of “the world’s idea of perfect.” You might need to skip the first five minutes or so (containing her referring to photos of her family that you can’t see), but it’s well-worth the rest of the video. This is only the tip of the iceberg… Literally, there are hundreds and hundreds of great videos that you can find by all the big names (and some really great people who are not quite as well-known) in the current Catholic speaker sphere. Fr. Mike Schmitz, Matt Fradd, Chris Stefanick, Sarah Swafford, Leah Darrow, the Everts, etc. You can find them here: They are primarily targeted at a high school audience, and the oldest videos are from three years ago. Go check it out!

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