Catholic Media Weekly: Fr. Mike Schmitz on Praying the Mass at SEEK 2019

By Isaiah Schick

This past weekend, I–along with about eight of my fellow seminarians from St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee and with over 20 other young adults from the Diocese of Superior–attended the SEEK 2019 Conference put on by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in Indianapolis. It was AWESOME! Over 17,000 young adults all worshiping the Lord together in Mass and in adoration, singing songs of praise, listening to dynamic speakers, having good times of fellowship… If you can make it in 2021 and will be a college student, you should go! One of the sessions I attended is posted above: “Pray the Mass Like Never Before” by Fr. Mike Schmitz (a priest of the Diocese of Duluth). I found it to be very edifying and to be a helpful reminder of where my heart should be when I am at Mass, especially as a layperson (because sometimes its easy to forget that we are not there to simply “watch”). Check it out! And if you want to watch some of the other sessions, most of them can be found on the same YouTube channel as this one, run by FOCUS.

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