Song Reflection: “Glorious Unfolding” by Steven Curtis Chapman

By Bryn Rademaker

“SURPRISE,” says 2019!  WHAT? Where did it come from?!

If your 2018 was anything like mine, it was JAM PACKED with surprises.  “Whatcha doin’ up there?” I asked Jesus about a million times as he unraveled my life and took charge.  Little did I know that with each “surprise” the Lord threw my way, he wasn’t just trying to throw me off guard—he was being my legit, loving, and true God.  

As created humans, we frequently find ourselves trying to create this incredible plan for our own lives. It’s almost like we want so desperately to be our own puppet master, formulating a seemingly “perfect” life for ourselves and putting on this great production.  

As much as we think we know what we’re doing and how our lives are meant to be, we have NOOOOOO idea—one of the hardest truths to accept as Christians.

Reflecting on my last 3.5 years of college, I’ve slowly seen how the Lord has been piecing together my life in ways that I completely did not expect.  One of the greatest ways he shook up my expectations was through my personal career path. Coming into my freshman year of college, I had this seemingly beautiful plan for myself to become a baller nurse, to provide health care to people across the world, to spread the Gospel as a missionary on the side, to fall in love with and marry a man from another country, and to raise a couple perfect children far from home.  

*Smh*… Oh, how wrong I was…

Over the next few years, little by little, the Lord shattered each of my steps to achieve this so-called “perfect” plan I had.  Instead of graduating as a Registered Nurse and moving across the pond to live a wild life in the medical field, I sit here earning a teaching degree and loving incredible Midwest America.  Although I was devastated each time my plan was derailed, the Lord blew me away with surprise after surprise as he guided my heart in the direction I was intended for.

That’s why this month’s song speaks so much truth to our human hearts. “Glorious Unfolding” by Steven Curtis Chapman reminds us that out of the Lord’s goodness and mercy, he desires to gloriously unfold our lives for us through surprises we could never imagine on our own.

As my boy Steven says, “Just wait and see, and you will be amazed.”

I am baffled by the many ways that God has unfolded his plan for me; but if I don’t let him gloriously unfold it, then everything becomes about me and my own “plan.”  Instead of seeing our lives as perfect gifts and surprises from our Savior, we see our lives as disappointing and off-track out of selfish desires for our own imperfect will.

The Divine Creator knows our hearts better than anyone ever could, especially ourselves.  This new year, take a step back and ask the Lord to gloriously unfold his will for you—I can promise you that it may be much different than you expect, yet a thousand times better because HE GOT YOU, dude!

Happy 2019, friends—let the surprises begin!


~Steven Curtis Chapman is a world-renowned Christian artist with a crazy and unexpected story (watch his story @  Awarded #1 Christian artist of all time, he has earned numerous Grammy’s, Dove Awards, and Number One Singles.  Some of his top-rated tunes include “Cinderella,” “I Will Be Here,” and “Live Out Loud.” His songs are often found at Christian celebrations such as weddings ceremonies, holiday services, and other celebrations of milestones.  His lyrics are filled with raw reality, joy and praise of our Lord, and rich in meaning as he dives into the souls of humans and their relationship with God.

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