Song Reflection: “The Bridegroom” by Rivers & Robots

By Bryn Rademaker

The Sacraments—perfect, pure, treasured gifts from our Lord that unite us to each other and to himself in miraculous ways.  One Sacrament in particular reflects the utter self-sacrificial love and mercy God has for each one of his beloved: you betcha, it’s MARRIAGE!

This Sacrament has a special place in my heart lately—no, no, no, it’s not ME who’s getting married… It’s my older sister, who recently received its immense glory after years of preparation!  PTL!!! (Anyone looking for hip Jesus lingo, that’s “Praise the Lord”).

This month’s song, “The Bridegroom” by Rivers & Robots, portrays the beautiful image of a bride walking down the aisle to her bridegroom as he poetically professes his love to her.  Upon first listening to it, you might think this is a pretty cheesy love-song that has nothing to do with our Savior…

But these lyrics are pure GOLD and speak truth into the beautiful message of Isaiah 62:5 as he says, “And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.”

Picture him standing there, the desirous bridegroom waiting at the front of the chapel for his gorgeous bride. See his eyes beaming with love and desire at her wondrous sight…

“Do you know that you have ravished my heart?

Do you know that you have ravished my heart?

Yes, you have ravished my heart with one glance of your eye.”

My friends, the Lord speaks this exact phrase to our hearts every. single. day.  He beams at the sight of you, adores hearing your sweet voice, aches with passion for you.

Recently in my own prayer, I realized how caught up in the busyness of life I had been to rarely stop and smell the roses—I lacked the receptivity of love I so desperately needed and that the Lord so perfectly offered to me at each moment.  It wasn’t until I decided to end one jam-packed day by spending an hour in the local adoration chapel that I noticed my aching, empty heart. All it took was one simple, silent, contemplative hour face-to-face with my Bridegroom to slip back into the peace and joy of receiving his love.  

This love that God wishes to share with us is not set aside for one day; it doesn’t experience any “honeymoon” phases either.  This love that our Bridegroom has for us is infinite, everlasting, and never-fading. He doesn’t just pine for us as we would imagine a man looking at his bride on their wedding day. No… He pines for us every moment of every day, begging for us to dwell in his love.

But our Lord is so good that he doesn’t force us, intrude into our hearts, or make us receive his love—he is the most perfect gentleman, one who waits for us to let him in after he softly knocks on the door of our hearts.  During the busyness of my holiday season, he waited tenderly and patiently for me to come to him not through commanding me to receive him, but by a simple invitational whisper.

This Lent, your Bridegroom is waiting for his beloved bride…

Will you go to him?


~Rivers & Robots began through the solo work of Jonathan Ogden in Manchester as he released a few beautiful worship songs based off of Bible passages.  A few years later in 2012, Jonathan welcomed in three new members to create a 4-piece band (with Nathan Stirling, Caleb Choo, and Philip Shibata)—now they spend their lives as missionaries leading praise and worship around Manchester.  Some of their more popular songs include “Shepherd of My Soul,” “We Have Overcome,” and “Satisfy.” Their latest album Discover was released in 2018.

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