Verso L’alto: A Year in Review

Dear Supporters,

Verso l’alto! (translated as “To the heights!”) has been Superior Disciple’s motto for the past year. Coined by Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, this phrase reminds us that by stepping forward with hope-filled commitment we are climbing to the heights of heaven. What a joy!

Faithfulness. Conviction. Zeal. These are all attributes bubbling up inside young people across the Diocese. As a content contributor, this avenue to creatively express the Gospel through my vlog not only gives me life and joy, but instigates fruitful conversations in my community. I am honored to be able to share snippets of my life with the people of the Superior Diocese.


Superior Disciple has taken many steps in this past year, and we have been blessed by all the prayers and support we have received on our first year of mission. Even in our early days, we had people standing beside us, cheering Superior Disciple on, as we set out on this adventure. From logistical consulting to funding, from prayers to spreading our mission, from enjoying our content to sporting a Superior Disciple T-shirt or sticker, we would not be here today without the backing of our supporters. Thank you! We are honored that you have taken these steps with us.

As a team, we are continually amazed by the mile-markers we have reached since our unveiling on June 9th, 2018. Since our launch, Superior Disciple has published over 135 posts brimming with inspiring stories, insightful information, encouraging testimonies, and practical tips that have engaged youth, young adults and others in the Catholic Faith. Thanks to this life-giving content, our website has received over 16,000 views in the past year with almost 6,000 individual visitors. Although Superior Disciple is a mission established in the Diocese of Superior, our website has welcomed views from around the world, including: Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Italy, China, Austria, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, France, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and many other countries. Such insights remind us that the call to the heights of heaven is a universal one. How beautiful is the Catholic Church in connecting us on this mission!

What being a part of Superior Disciple means to me is that I am a part of a community. A community that inspires, uplifts, and teaches me. I have grown in my faith so much since joining this community and I am so thankful for everything and everyone in it. 


Superior Disciple has also embarked on many unforeseen but beautiful paths. In February, 2019, many of our team members gathered to lead Superior Disciple’s first-ever high school retreat. We had such a great time that, 3 months later, Superior Disciple was excitedly sponsoring another retreat. To date, our team has collectively traveled over 2,850 miles to bring our mission to youth in the Diocese of Superior. What a blessing it has been to meet many remarkable people throughout our diocese!

Of course, our first strides have come with lessons. From troubleshooting website malfunctions, to discovering that our stickers do not like dishwashers, we have learned a lot! One of our most valuable lessons has been better understanding our demographics. Data has shown that high schools students and young adults are our most engaged participants. With this in mind, Superior Disciple has recommitted to supporting these age groups. We believe that, with intentional encouragement, such individuals can be missionary disciples that are going to renew the Church.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since Superior Disciple began in earnest!. I am constantly being reminded of how good our God is through the work of such holy and enthusiastic people! I am confident that there are good things to come, Superior!


Looking back on our first steps, the team here at Superior Disciple is astounded by the outpouring of graces we have been given in the past year. It has been a true honor to witness the Lord working wonders in the Diocese of Superior and beyond. Our hope is that, in our mission, Superior Disciple will continue to inspire a lifelong journey of hope-filled discipleship in the Diocese of Superior. We look forward to your continued support as we climb to the heights together.

Verso l’alto!

Kayla Johnson

Contributor and Content Coordinator

Superior Disciple

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