Join Me On My Journey

By Haley Arndt


Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that either. But let me tell ya, my life has been one wild journey of God moving my heart to do things that I was not originally planning on doing. For example, here are some things that I was not originally planning on doing: taking a job where I talk about Jesus all day long to college students, fundraising my salary, willingly committing to not date anyone for a whole year, and moving to Nebraska.

Buckle up, y’all. There is a lot that I need to update you on regarding my life at the moment. And it’s all happening in this blog. Also, stick around for a fun surprise at the end where I stop talking about myself and talk about YOU joining me on this wild adventure for Jesus.

If ya haven’t heard, I am now working as a full-time campus missionary for the next few years with an organization called FOCUS. FOCUS is the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, and they send missionaries (like me) to college campuses (like Wayne State College in Nebraska) to reach out to college students and form them into the Jesus-following disciples that we need to change the world. My new job’s mission is a lot like Superior Disciple’s mission: to engage students in our Faith and to help them to live out a lifelong journey as a disciple. Except I’m hanging out with people in Nebraska now instead of Wisconsin. Which is a little sad because I love Wisco a whole heck of a lot, but it’s also not sad because I am pumped to move to a place where there is lots of corn because corn is delicious. And I am also pumped because being a FOCUS missionary is legit the best job ever. I mean, I get to take students out for coffee, show them how wonderful it is to live as a disciple of Jesus, share life with them, and save souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Woah. 

But here is the deal: I am not doing this mission on my own. And this is the part that applies to you, my friend. As a missionary with FOCUS, I will have a mission team back home walking with me on this mission. Because whether your title is “missionary” or not, we are all made for mission. Through our baptism, we are called to go out and make disciples (check out Matthew 28: 19-20). And that’s going to look different for each person. Some of us will actually go out and evangelize in non-Christian countries or on college campuses. And some of us won’t necessarily go out onto the mission field in that specific way but rather will be on mission by supporting the missionaries and their outreaches with our resources. There is a great quote by my girl St. Thérèse of Lisieux that goes something like this: “Some give by going to the missions, others go by giving. Without both, there are no missions.” Preach it St. Thérèse, preach it. Those that are on the battlefield legitimately cannot do the work of saving souls without a team of people supporting them.

And this is where I need YOU. (Yes, you reading this blog right now. Trust me, God moved your heart to read this blog for a specific reason, and that specific reason is happening now.) I want you to drop your nets and come on mission with me. I want you to join my mission team. Why? Because your heart is made for mission. And I want you to experience the absolute joy and abundant grace God gives to those who live out their call for mission. I want you walking with me on this adventure. How do you do that? By supporting me in two ways: through prayerful support and financial support. I need prayerful support because #SatanIsReal and does not want this mission to flourish. He loves lost souls and wants to keep society rooted in emptiness and lies. If my mission is not rooted in a foundation of prayer, then it will fail miserably. So persistent prayer is super important, my dudes. And I need consistent financial support because as a missionary I need to fundraise 100 percent of my salary, and if I want to do this job well then I kinda need to be able to fulfill my basic needs such as buying groceries and paying rent… Ya feel me?

Plus, we are all called to give our money back to God in gratitude and thanksgiving just like we are called to mission (#BecauseOurMoneyIsNotOurMoney #MoneyIsAGiftFromGod #ItsCalledTithing). And because I am working as the hands and feet of the Church, by supporting my mission financially you are truly giving your money back to God as we build the Kingdom on college campuses together! If you haven’t been consistently giving your money back to God, now is a GREAT time to start, and this is a GREAT way to do so. But if you aren’t feeling called to give financially through my work with FOCUS (which is legit because not everyone is called to give to the mission in this specific way), please seriously think about tithing to your home parish if you are not tithing in some way already. It’s good for your soul, and Jesus tells us to do this. I’m just trying to help you out, bro. Okay, my PSA on tithing is done now.

So, as I said before, your heart is made for mission. You are called for mission. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to live out your missionary call, now is your chance. Now is your chance to thrive in the specific role that God has hand-made for you in the New Evangelization. And I want you to join me.

Below is the link to my mission page online. If you like what you are reading, please go check out my page. (On my page I talk more about my story, and there’s a picture of my future team, which is neat.) And I would LOVE to talk to you about this more deeply in person, whether that be face-to-face, over a phone call, or on Skype, even if I don’t know you. Trust me, I’ve experienced weirder things than people I have not met contacting me about something I am SUPER passionate about. My contact info is on my mission page, so hit me up, y’all.

I’m praying that together we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and win ALL souls for Christ. Let’s go, my dudes.

Mission Page Link:

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