Song Reflection: “Loyal” by Lauren Daigle

By Bryn Rademaker

Loyal: giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. 

Oxford Dictionary

From a young age, I never truly understood the importance of loyalty when it came to my friendships and relationships—honestly, the word scared me a bit! “Loyalty” to me was a total and unbreakable fidelity to someone else, something that I couldn’t run away from no matter the situation or person. I saw it as a trap instead of choosing to believe in the powerful freedom found in loyalty. 

Year by year I was challenged in my loyalty towards classmates, partners in group activities, teammates, close friends and family, and even in my loyalty to God. I ran a LOT—unintentionally out of my ignorance to the act of love that loyalty brings. Flaky, unresponsive, choosing-the-better-option Bryn didn’t want to commit because she would have rather done things her own way than sacrifice for the needs of others.

It wasn’t until college that I saw the raw impact of loyalty in action that I believed in its good. The Lord happened to place me in a house that was filled with real, authentic, and loyal women that stayed true to their word and promises every single day no matter how challenging. 

They mentored me through situations where I wanted to flake out, reminding me that it is better to commit to a polite “no” than to leave others waiting in the dust. They treated me with love and respect by supporting me through the ups and downs even when they had better things to occupy their time. Finally, each one of them gave me the chance to do the same for them and asked loyalty from me when they needed it the most.

My awesome friends were just a solid glimpse of the perfect loyalty God offers us—unwavering, faithful, and constant.

This month’s song “Loyal” is by the up-and-coming Christian artist Lauren Daigle—you may have heard her beautiful music on multiple radio stations as she seems to bring in audiences of all walks of life. Daigle references the Lord’s immense loyalty to all of us in this tune as she sings:

Your love is loyal

More faithful than the rising sun

This grace for me I can’t outrun…

When my world shakes

Your love remains unshaken

So constant, so perfect, unwavering

When my world falls

Your love remains unfailing 

So constant, so perfect, unwavering

Your love is loyal…

These words are more true than we can ever imagine, even when we doubt or don’t come through on commitment we give to him.

Looking back on those times we weren’t sure of how God was going to come through on a situation in our lives helps us seek out ways he was constant, surprising, and always present. It may be difficult to see these things because of lies we may be fed that the Lord isn’t there, isn’t perfect, or isn’t loyal. In these cases, the greatest thing we can do to hold up our end is have faith that God is working in ways we cannot see.

Ever since my eyes were opened to the greatness of loyalty through my college roommates, I can look back with gratitude on the ways my parents, siblings, childhood friends, teachers, and now my fiancé have loved me with utter loyalty. God uses many people in our lives to love us through, and the more we recognize these people and the instruments of loyalty that they are, the greater we can understand and practice loyalty ourselves. 

You’re worth it.

I’m worth it.

God is worth it.

Go live loyalty, my good friends!

~Lauren Daigle’s Christian music has hit the highest charts within the past few years as she shocked the whole world with her incredible music. With a unique mix of pop, indie, and contemporary styles, Lauren’s popular music has captured the hearts of many around the world as she preaches the truth of our dignity and worth in the Lord’s eyes. From Louisiana, Daigle kick-started her music career by singing around the “music box” family home and taking music more seriously when contracting infectious mononucleosis. Studying Child and Family Studies at Louisiana State University, she spent her spare time leading the LSU choir and auditioning for American Idol in 2010 and 2012. Finally in 2015 she gave the world her great album called How Can It Be, featuring songs such as “Trust In You,” “How Can It Be,” and “Here’s My Heart.”

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