“Little Girl” by His Own

By Bryn Rademaker

~ This one’s for all my ladies out there! Don’t worry guys, you can still read & benefit from this song reflection, too. 🙂

Almost two years ago in April 2018, three incredibly beautiful and holy women flew in to join the ladies of the Winona area for a retreat filled with music, talks, prayer, and fellowship. I remember this day as if it were yesterday because of the huge impact these ladies of the group His Own left in my life. Maria, Christine, and Kara each shared their gift of music and personal testimonies with us—each had a unique story of how the Lord had totally transformed their lives, not only in profound ways but also in small/ordinary ways. 

This retreat, by the grace of God, happened to take place when I was at a low. It was my junior year of college when a lot of wounds from relationships and unfortunate circumstances started coming up, and the Lord had been trying to deeply heal my heart. His Own set up their retreat in a way that all of their talks correlated perfectly with the songs they sang for us. One of these songs, “Little Girl,” struck me to the core. Inspired by the Gospel of Mark, this song was written to encourage us to rise amidst our littleness and to live with our Father.

Talitha Koum ~ Little girl, I say to you, get up.

In Chapter 5 of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus and his three closest disciples were taken to see a dying young girl—everyone in the room was wailing loudly at the time, but Jesus said to them:

“Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep.” ~Mark 5:39

No one believed Him, and they actually laughed at his unbelievable remark. Jesus then had everyone leave the room except the girl’s father, her mother, and His three disciples. With this more intimate crowd, He was able to perform his miracle of healing:

He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha Koum,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up.” ~Mark 5:41

What profound goodness arose from this terrible situation, all by the grace of God. In this moment of doubt, despair, illness, and weakness, Jesus was still able to raise this little girl from her low point and bring her back to the embrace of her loved ones.

We see this happen also in the encounter with the hemorrhaging woman just before Jesus raises the little girl. After this wounded, broken, neglected woman touches His cloak with tremendous faith, Jesus turns and sends her away with peace and full healing from all her suffering (see Mark 5:25-34).

Ladies, His Own wrote “Little Girl” for each of our little hearts. I think this message is even more prevalent throughout the winter months, especially as the sun hides away and we may tend to feel more down, despairing, and alone. It is in these moments that our loving Father reaches out His hand and gently tells us to arise and live. 

Little girl get up,
Little girl get up,
Little girl get up and live.
Little girl arise,
Little girl arise and see that he’s not finished yet.

The King is calling your name
The King is seeking your face
The King is here in this place
And He is your Lord
He is yours

Little girl awake, awake from sleep and step into the light
And let all your shame be washed away by the one who brings you back to life

The King is all that you need
The King won’t stop till you’re free
Oh daughter look up and see
Your Father is here
Your Father is here
We cry Father…

~His Own is a Catholic women’s ministry group formed by three women from Nashville, TN. Before coming together to form this group, Kara, Christine, and Maria were three friends who all enjoyed using their incredible musical talents individually for aiding in ministry until they finally decided to join forces and team up. These ladies travel across the U.S. leading retreats for young adult and adult women, allowing their music to lead the way for talks, discussion, and prayer time. They also regularly post vlogs on YouTube of them discussing topics related to Christianity and Catholicism, “Makeupless Monday” being one of their famous weekly vlogs (visit their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4NI9UfBY0J66tu_ntstY6w). As of now, Kara is married and has one beautiful baby girl, Christine recently got married, and Maria joyfully lives her single life! Other awesome songs by His Own include “Nothing Can Separate Us,” “It’s You,” and their sung rendition of “The Divine Mercy Chaplet”. You can check out their page and book them for a retreat at https://www.behisown.com/.

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