God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and His Magical Ability to Manipulate Time

By Marc Rademaker

Time: doesn’t it seem like we never have enough of it? We are constantly wishing for more time to do things, more time to spend with others, more time off. Meanwhile, oftentimes we are concerned with the future, the past, or any other time that isn’t the time we find ourselves in now.

Are you still following?

So, we live our lives through a linear flow of time, each day coming after the next and moving forward. 

But God exists outside of time.

How the heck this is even a thing will always be beyond me, but nevertheless it’s true. He knows everything that will ever happen to us and anyone else, and He has known that since the beginning. (The beginning for us, not Him, because when you think about it, he doesn’t really have a beginning, does He?)

Are you still following?

God exists outside of time, and that lends itself to a host of incredible things. But I want to focus on one in particular: He desires to use His “magical abilities” for our benefit. The Lord wants us to be able to utilize our time in the best possible way, and we can see this at work in our lives!

But how can these mysterious powers of God be found in my life? Well, thanks for asking.

Seeking the Lord and making time to center on Him, things that already carry a multitude of benefits, has the added bonus of this mysterious lending of power. Simply putting Him first, before other obligations, relationships, and tasks, means that the life you are leading is the one that He is leading. And when He is leading, the time in our lives becomes the most efficient that it can possibly be. I am amazed at how many deadlines have been pushed back and how much more productive I am when I prioritize my time with God. He has the power to manipulate time, and when we are committed to Him, He shares this power with us in more ways than can be imagined.

So, this Lent, think about what you are doing to fast. Now, think about how that fasting is opening up more time or freedom in your schedule. I challenge you to utilize that extra time in your life for a further commitment to the Lord, because that is what Lent is all about. Here are some ways that you can use your time to practice this:

-Committing to daily prayer and listening to the Lord

-Committing to going to daily Mass more often or on a consistent basis

-Offering a consistent Rosary

-So many more!

When I say committing, I mean prioritizing that commitment above everything else. Make it an integral part of your routine, even if other worldly responsibilities may make it seem like you don’t have time to commit to the Lord. When our time is His, our time will never come up short.

God wants to share his magical time-warping abilities with us, so be sure to use your time wisely and take full advantage of His gift. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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