Something Beautiful for God

By Jonathan Lynch

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been spending quite a bit of time at home recently. Perhaps more than you would like to. Chances are good that, having been thrown off of your regular schedule, you’re wondering what to do with your time. There have been lots of great lists, ideas, and insights for staying sane and occupied given by my fellow contributors. There is just one more thing in particular that I would like to add to the already great discussion:

Do something beautiful for God.

What talents do you have? Whoever and wherever you are, you have talents. Maybe you’ve got an artistic touch- make some Easter artwork to share with a friend. Maybe you’re good at writing- send a letter to someone – or to several someones. Or maybe write some Easter poetry – if you want, you could share it in the comment section below. Are you musical? Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, even if He’s the only one who hears it. Or perhaps you don’t have (or think that you have) any of the “glamorous” or “popular” talents that get people’s attention. That is really not a problem. Often, the greatest beauty is something that can not be seen. To do hidden acts of kindness for others, things that they may never know about or thank you for, is one of the most beautiful things that you can do. Why? 

God created all things. One of the most marvelous acts of his creative power was to fashion the entire material universe. If you have the eyes to see it, you can be completely in awe of his Creation. And it is beautiful. And since it is always before our eyes, it is easy to remember and praise him for it. But more beautiful by far is our redemption and rescue from sin, something that we do not see with our bodily eyes. Something that, all too often, God is not thanked for at all. That is why working unseen for love of God and neighbor is so powerful, so beautiful. In doing so, we imitate God’s most amazing and beautiful work – a work that endures because it is not merely physical, a work that is pure because it is fired by Love, and not by hope of temporal reward or recognition.

So there you have it: your marching orders for the next week. I’d like to share something with you: it has been one of my more significant projects over the past month or so, and I finished it on Easter Sunday. I hope that you enjoy it, and I hope that it inspires you to do something beautiful for God.

Till next time, may Christ and his Mother be with you always!

All for Thee, Sweet Jesus,

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

For the glory of God,

And the salvation of souls!

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