Give Up the Funk

By Marc Rademaker

Something feels funky right now. And not in the good, groovy kind of music way. With everything going on, we can find ourselves in a funk more often than usual. These “funks” can include lack of motivation, boredom, disdain at the current state of the world, bad habits, and a feeling of disparity in our relationships with God and each other. So how do we give up the funk we are in and move forward to get our groove – the good kind of funk – back? 

First, it’s important to look at where our funk is rooted. What is it that is keeping us down and preventing us from “raising the roof,” if you will? It may be that we are missing something we should be doing this summer. More often for me it stems from a disconnect, in particular a detachment from the Lord. Whatever the case may be, putting down any distractions and taking a moment to sit in silence to try to digest where this funky feeling comes from is the vital first step to getting back into the groove.

Give It Up: Lift It Up

Of course, when there’s a disconnect from God, it’s hard to make that first step of sitting in silence. But a simple strategy can help ease the burden of whatever is keeping us down: lift it up. If I am feeling stressed about work, impending school situations, the pandemic, or whatever else, lifting up how I’m feeling and uniting it to the suffering Jesus went through helps the struggle to seem a little lighter. I imagine myself taking these worries off of myself and placing them on Him – who can take whatever burden I have. This allows me a sense of comfort even if I can’t necessarily feel Him and gives a great sense of peace.

Another way to share the load is by trusting a supportive friend or family member to help. It can be difficult to pour emotional struggle onto someone we love, but in times of trouble, like now, we all need to be willing to humble ourselves. This means being willing to offload some of our weight onto our loved ones and let them help lift it up. On the flip side, it also means being willing to listen to and shoulder some of the load they may be carrying.

Give It Up: Give Something Up

Sometimes getting your groove back is about switching up what you are doing. And what better way to do that than by giving something up? When I entered the month of July, I decided I wanted to start the second half of the year off on a different note and give up Facebook for the month. Even though I find a lot of benefits in seeing what my family and friends are doing, I know that I can often spend too much time needlessly scrolling. This small sacrifice helped me to take a little weight off and stand a little taller. At the end of the month, I felt better in control of myself and more connected to what was going on around me. Not all of my burdens were taken away, and I won’t be off of Facebook forever, but I did feel like I had a little more say in my life than a month prior. 

Give It Up: Not Giving Up

Perhaps most importantly, attempting to rid yourself of any funk can be a tedious process, but the last thing that means is that you should give up. Whether it be the funk of a bad habit, disconnect from God, or a lack of motivation, something that weighs you down may have an assortment of varying weights to unload. But the good news is that the more little weights you take off, the stronger you feel. And that strength can be harnessed to take on the heavy weights, help others remove their own weights, and get that funky groove back. The journey may be long, but there is always someone willing to help. I can tell you firsthand that professional counseling, if the funk keeps you low enough, can be a catalyst to the return of that groove.

So what funk is keeping you down? Take some time today and think about what you can do to ease that load: unite your struggle with someone else, make a sacrifice, and just keep pushing forward. Don’t worry about a thing, that funky music will start playing again real soon.

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