Catholic Media: Pints with Aquinas

By Jonathan Lynch

Greetings, folks. I’d like to just take a brief moment and introduce you to one of my favorite YouTube channels: Pints with Aquinas. It’s run by Matt Fradd, formerly of Catholic Answers, which is probably the best apologetics publication/website in the world. (Well, the English speaking world at least. There might be a better one in, say, French or Latin. Maybe. But I doubt it.)

I first encountered the guy’s work while on a road trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help with a group of friends. One of the young ladies pulled out her phone and we all listened to Matt’s podcast. First off, I liked his accent. I like just about all accents, but there’s no getting tired of listening to an Australian. Also, I recognized his name from the Catholic Answers magazines that I’ve browsed through. Since that day, I’ve watched quite a few of his productions and have been duly impressed.  One of the things that most inspires me about Matt’s show is that he strikes a remarkably good balance between truth and charity. I’ve come across Catholic YouTube channels where the hosts are spot-on truth, doctrine and tradition-wise, but their words and attitudes seem to lack charity for the people that are obviously in the wrong. And then there are the people who are… way out there when it comes to actually following the orthodox traditions and teachings of the Church, while being really nice and personable and charismatic all the while. I think that Matt strikes a very good balance, where he is charitable and respectful toward sincere people who hold views that are incompatible with Catholicism, but is uncompromising when it comes to the actual teachings of the Church.

He’s also done Scripture study episodes, none of which have I actually watched yet. Also quite interesting are the debates that he’s put on between prominent Atheists and Catholics. And while he’s hosted really great interviews with non-Catholics and even non-Christians, my favorite episodes are easily the interviews that he’s done with the best and most brilliant Catholics of today, like Steve Ray and Scott Hahn. These episodes, usually over an hour long, are truly inspiring and informative, and I believe that they represent the best of the Pints with Aquinas Channel.

Anyways, I hope that you will all head on over to his channel and check it out. I think that his ministry is worth experiencing and supporting, and I hope that you’ll find it as informative and interesting as I do.

All for Thee, Sweet Jesus,

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

For the glory of God

And the salvation of souls!

*Pints with Aquinas logo used with permission of the owner.

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