Thy Almighty Word

By Jonathan Lynch It's funny how when you read the Holy Bible stuff jumps out at you. Around this time last year when I picked up my Bible and flipped it open to the Book of Wisdom, I saw something that looked almost out of place in the surrounding text. It was the eighteenth chapter,... Continue Reading →

Catholic Media: Pints with Aquinas

By Jonathan Lynch Greetings, folks. I'd like to just take a brief moment and introduce you to one of my favorite YouTube channels: Pints with Aquinas. It's run by Matt Fradd, formerly of Catholic Answers, which is probably the best apologetics publication/website in the world. (Well, the English speaking world at least. There might be... Continue Reading →

Holy Cow

By Jonathan Lynch. Holy Cow! I say it all the time - I mean, it's really a useful expression. It can be inserted into almost any context and still make sense. At least as an expression it's pretty benign. But it does raise an interesting question. Can a cow really be holy?

Just Something Fun

By Jonathan Lynch. This time, it's not a saint story, an exhortation, or a theological dissertation of any great length. It’s just a cool project I put together that I thought you might enjoy.

O God Come to My Assistance!

By Jonathan Lynch. When you pray the Liturgy of the Hours, you are lifting up your voice to God with holy men and women all around the world who are praying the exact same prayers for the glory of the Holy Trinity and for the salvation of souls.

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