What is Seminary Like?

By Sean Mulcare. As I've just graduated from the first half of my seminary formation, I am moved to reflect on the blessing that the past four years have been and to give a snapshot of what seminary looks like in order to help anyone who is discerning a potential call to understand...

A Symbol of Easter: Notre Dame

By Sean Mulcare. As I was watching the destruction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame - one of the most beautiful and symbolic churches of the Catholic Church, a church in which hundreds of saints have walked with awe at its beauty: Sts. Thomas Aquinas, Therese of Lisieux, Joan of Arc, John Vianney, and countless others - as the great cathedral was ablaze with fire, I was moved to tears...

The Three Types of Prayer

By Sean Mulcare. There is nothing more beneficial for the soul than prayer. Prayer transforms the soul and is the place where God can work to bring about peace and happiness -- the goal of every person. But how does a person pray?

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