St. Teresa of Ávila

By Jonathan Lynch When you hear "Doctor of the Church," what do you think? A phrase like that probably doesn't get you hyped, pumped, or otherwise thrilled. It's easy to dismiss the saints who bear that title as "ancient geniuses," "really pious people," and "lofty intellectual guys." And while these saints (there are three dozen... Continue Reading →


By CJ Kallevig. There are many types of goodbyes in our lives. There are those of people that move away, friends that drift, betrayals, deaths, and then there are those goodbyes that happen without us even noticing...

In Your Wounds

By Andrew Kreye. If Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Divine Physician, does that make Him a veterinarian? The devil is depicted as a snake; snakes look like worms; a lot of animals need deworming medicine. I think I’m on to something big here… but it’ll have to wait...

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