St. Francis: The Conversion (Pt. 2)

By Nathan Linton, OFM, Cap. So, Francis had a conversion to follow a Christian way of life, but how did he end up living this life in such a radical way that ended up with him founding the Order of the Friars Minor? Br. Nathan explains some of the events of Francis's continuing conversion...


By CJ Kallevig. Forgiveness is a difficult thing. How can you know if you have truly been forgiven? Or let’s flip it around. How do you know that you have truly forgiven someone?

Dying to Oneself

By Erich Wallace. AKA “How to Die (to Oneself) in a Healthy Way (and a Not So Healthy Way).” When I was in college and was just starting to actually read the Scriptures and to learn more about the life of Jesus, I began to encounter some pretty serious struggles...

You Are Good Enough

By Haley Arndt. ... Lately, I haven’t been feeling the usual excitement that comes when I think about the upcoming adventures God has in store for me. Rather, there is this pit in my stomach. There’s this little voice in my head whispering, You’re not holy enough to do this, you’re not smart enough to do this, you’re not funny enough to do this. You’re not good enough to do this...

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