Elves, Dragons, and the Holy Eucharist

By Jonathan Lynch. One really cool lesson that we can learn from Tolkien is that the Catholic Faith can be lived out anywhere. It's something that we've seen from saints all down through the ages, but it hits home in a different way when you realize that it's been done by one of the most popular authors of the twentieth century.

Now What?

By Marc Rademaker. Have you ever built up to an experience with great expectations, only to have it fall short in real life - only to have that feeling of “Ok, now what?”

God Math

By Jonathan Lynch. There are math people, and then there are the rest of us who got more than enough math all the way back in second grade. [But] whatever your hobby or interest is, if you can use it to gain a greater knowledge or understanding of God, count it as a blessing.

Thy Almighty Word

By Jonathan Lynch It's funny how when you read the Holy Bible stuff jumps out at you. Around this time last year when I picked up my Bible and flipped it open to the Book of Wisdom, I saw something that looked almost out of place in the surrounding text. It was the eighteenth chapter,... Continue Reading →

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