We are Aliens!

By Andrew Kreye. Y’know the word “parish”? The place where parishioners go? It comes from the Greek word paroikia, meaning “sojourning in a foreign land.” To be a parishioner means that you are someone living temporarily in a place that you’re not originally from. So, if you go to a Catholic parish, you’re an alien...

A Wiki Spirituality

By Br. Nathan Linton, OFM, Cap. I graduated from philosophical studies! One of the last courses that I took was an elective on public relations, in which I had to write a Wikipedia article. Here's a little about how this unexpectedly impacted my spiritual life...

The Three Types of Prayer

By Sean Mulcare. There is nothing more beneficial for the soul than prayer. Prayer transforms the soul and is the place where God can work to bring about peace and happiness -- the goal of every person. But how does a person pray?

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