When Kings Go to War

A call for a counter-attack during a time of vulnerability By Andrew Kreye Pray. Especially when you do not want to, pray. Do not idle. It is in those times when the enemy is close at hand, readying an attack. King David stayed in Jerusalem at the time “when kings go to war,” and it... Continue Reading →

A Wiki Spirituality

By Br. Nathan Linton, OFM, Cap. I graduated from philosophical studies! One of the last courses that I took was an elective on public relations, in which I had to write a Wikipedia article. Here's a little about how this unexpectedly impacted my spiritual life...

Seeing the Light: Stage Four in the Spiritual Life

By Sean Mulcare. In the 4th stage of the spiritual life, there are numerous things that start to happen in and to the soul. After the 3rd stage, it can no longer advance any further on its own efforts in order to reach the 4th stage; God has to act on the soul, and this action is initially very painful...

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